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Dominican Republic customs

Free import

The following can be imported duty free by any traveller aged 16 or over.
• 200 cigarettes
• 1 box of cigars
• 2 litre bottle of alcoholic liquor – unopened
• 2 opened bottles of perfume


• Car, motor or other machine parts
• Illegal drugs
• Guns, explosives and ammunition
• Pornographic or offensive materials
• Birds and animal products
• Meat and dairy products
• Statues, sacred paintings and other valuable artefacts over 100 years old unless travellers obtain a permit from the department of archaeology
• Travellers are not allowed to export local currency (Dominican Peso- DOP) from the country.


• An invoice is required to bring machines, appliances, spare parts, which may also be subject to taxes.
• Cats and Dogs entering the country will require a Health Certificate and full protection against Rabies and parvovirus.

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